HP 2023: 6-Mac Pack

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Our most magical week deserves the most magical Mac Pack! This year's HP 6-Pack includes:

  1. Butterbeer (Butterscotch Cream)
  2. Drooble's Best Blowing Bubble Gum (Bubble Gum)
  3. Espresso Patronum (Dark Chocolate Espresso Ganache)
  4. Chocolate Frog (Chocolate Caramel)
  5. Acid Pop (Sour Lime)
  6. Earwax (Dulce de Leche)

Each purchase of a HP 2023 dessert comes with a HOUSE CUP COMPETITION CARD.

Note: No substitutions can be made to the 6-pack at this time. If you'd like to reserve more of an individual flavor, please email us directly at: bonneviemacarons@gmail.com

Pick up for all HP Week desserts is automatically scheduled for Saturday, September 9th 10 AM - 2 PM. If you would like to pick up your pre-order earlier, simply email Deb at BonneVieMacarons@gmail.com