THURSDAY: Romance Book Club Ticket (July 2024)


Turn up the heat with Bonne Vie Macarons' Romance Book Club in Lafayette! Join us for a monthly rendezvous of sizzling reads, set against the cozy backdrop of our bakery. Grab your ticket below for an evening of steamy stories and good company – because sometimes, all you need is a hot book in hand and a sweet spot to discuss it!



James has always had one agenda: destroy his enemy, Peter Michaels. When Peter’s twenty-year-old daughter Wendy shows up in James’s bar, he sees his way in. Seduce the girl and use her for his revenge. It’s the perfect plan, until things in James’s organization begin to crumble. Suddenly, he has to find the traitor in his midst, and his plan for revenge gets murkier as James starts to see Wendy as more than just a pawn in his game.

Wendy has been cloistered away most of her life by her wealthy cold father, but a spontaneous night out with friends turns into an intense and addictive love affair with the dark and brooding James. As much as she knows James is dangerous, Wendy can’t seem to shake her desire for him. But as their relationship grows more heated and she learns more about the world he moves in, she finds herself unsure if she’s falling for the man known as James or the monster known as Hook.

Hooked is a dark contemporary romance and the first complete standalone in the Never After Series: A collection of fractured fairy tales where the villains get the happy ever after. It is not a literal retelling and not fantasy. Hooked features mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised. For all content warnings, check the author's website.

How's it work?

  1. Reserve your seat by securing your ticket here - one ticket per seat - first come, first served. There are 16 seats available per meeting. 
  2. Grab your copy of the book in whatever format works best for your life.
  3. Finish the reading, make your notes (who would you cast as the main characters if the book was adapted?), and get ready for some wine, desserts, steamy discussion, and fun!

    When: THURSDAY, August, 1 at 6:30 PM

    Where: Bonne Vie Macarons, 2005 Kaliste Saloom Rd., Suite 104