Photo Cred: EatLafayette

We are located at: 2005 Verot School Rd, Suite 104, Lafayette, LA 70508

We are open Tuesday through Friday 10 AM - 6 PM, and Saturday's 10 AM - 2 PM (or until sold out).

What to Expect


  • Every day open at Bonne Vie Macarons starts with a beautiful case full of sweets!
  • We make it a point to carry exclusive, locally produced or created drink options for to-go and in-store dessert pairings. All of the BVM Girls know which dessert pairs best with each of our drink specials - and are always happy to help!
  • We might start selling out of certain flavors around 3-4 PM in the afternoon, but only some days! You can always call ahead to reserve what you'd like to pick up daily. 
  • BVM has a massive, updated lending library fully restocked with your book donations weekly - catch updates on our free library at our separate account: @bonnevielibrary - bring a book, grab a book, and enjoy your treats with a read!
  • We start holidays (and in most cases, the day before the holiday), with a beautiful case of specially decorated sweets for the holiday!
  • Lines for holidays usually start around 10:00 - 10:30 am.
  • We usually have 12+ macaron flavors, and 5-6 bar and cupcake flavors for each holiday. If you’re looking for a specific holiday flavor, best to get there before noon, or call ahead.
  • Holiday pre-order pickups begin at 10 AM on weekdays and on weekends. If you would not like anything from the case, and are picking up an order, feel free to skip the line and come right to the register or to-go table.
  • Limits may apply on some specialty items, especially during speciality theme weeks.

Theme Weeks

  • Each season, we base our entire case and storefront on a specific theme, and go all out with flavors, designs, and specialty sweets! Some of our favorite theme days include: Disney Princess Week, Carnival Week, and Harry Potter Week!
  • Specialty items may sell out within the first couple hours.
  • When arriving to the shop for themed weeks our policy is all first come, first served. Pre-orders online and day-of reservations are permitted via phone call with payment given over the phone at the time of order.
  • Come dressed to match the theme day! We love seeing your outfits and social media posts! Be sure to tag @bonneviemacarons on Instagram or Facebook.